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A1 Applicant Name (your organisation or your name if applying as an individual)
If your organisation is usually referred to as 'The', please omit that here.
A2 Legal name of organisation if different from above
A3 Full postal address Address1:      
  This is the address to which all correspondence will be sent. Please give the postal address of the organisation. Address2:    
A4 If you are applying on behalf of an organisation, what is its legal status?
This Trust does not accept unsolicited applications from Registered Charities.
A5 Please let us have your company number if you have one.
A6 Your full name (as main contact for the application)
Please include your title (Mr/Ms/Dr, etc), first name, last name in the boxes.
A7 Your email address
(We will use this email address to acknowledge receipt of your application and send you a copy of the details you submitted.)
A8 Your position within the organisation
A9 Your website URL
A10 Your contact telephone number
B1 Please tell us the total amount you are requesting from the Trust
B2 Please give us the title of your campaign.
B3 Please summarise your campaign proposal. Please also list your top 3-5 outcomes for this grant if it is agreed. 
Warning: applications often fail because the outcomes are not clear. Up to 750 characters.
B4 When would you like your grant to start?
B5 Over what period of time is your application for?
(If you are not sure, please estimate time period.)
For large applications: would you be able to attend a meeting with Directors on Thursday, 6 June 2019, if invited?

If you've not heard from us by 31 May 2019, please assume that Directors do not feel they need to meet you at this stage.
C1 Please upload your written application in Word format (up to 6 A4 pages) including budget information.
C2 Please upload your most recent published accounts in PDF format
C3 Please submit your CV if applying as an individual.
C4 Please upload your most recent annual report
Reuploading a file overwrites the currently uploaded file
D1 Who is on your Board or Steering Group?
D2 How did you hear about the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd?
If agreed, we will publish brief details of the grant on our website. Please indicate Yes/No if your grant may be disclosed:

D4 If you consider that disclosure of this grant (if made by the Trust) might expose you or those working on the project to increased personal risk, or potentially jeopardise the work at this stage, please inform us of your concerns here:
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